You whipped that lasso with fine precision and caught them right in the loop, the date is yours and you’re counting down the hours until the meeting.

What do you do now? Do you plan your outfit? Do you get a makeover? Do you look up the best jokes to get them wanting more? There’s so much to think about, sometimes it’s hard to lose sight of your end goal. Take a look below for some of our best tips, tricks and clicks on how to get yourself ready to meet your possible Mr Right.


You’ve got to remember that this is just a date. It may feel like the most important thing happening in your life right now, but trust me, it’s a lot less stressful if you don’t let it take over your entire world for the week. Take your time, think things through logically and don’t make any rash decisions. The most important thing that you must take to this date, is your comfort and your confidence.

It’s easy for us girls to overthink these things. Do I wear this? Do I wear that? Is this lipstick too much and are those heels way too high? Just take two steps back and think about where you are going. If it’s the cinema, dress casual, if it’s dinner, then go ahead and crank it up a bit (unless he’s taking you to Nandos, cause girl, those stilettos won’t last too long on those cracked orange tiles).

You’ve just got to be sensible and most importantly, you’ve got to be comfortable. If he’s not into you just because of what you wear, then he’s really not the one.

Conversation Topics

As much as you’re interested in presenting the best of you, you’ve got to remember that the most important person in this date, is your date. Keep the questions flowing, people love to talk about themselves and knowing that you’re interested in his life will give him that all important ego boost. Just no creepy questions, please keep those to a minimum.

  • Occupation
  • Dream Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Friends and Family
  • Musical Interests / festivals / concerts
  • Pets / animals
  • Television Programmes
  • The News
  • Funny Date Stories

These are just a few starters to get you going. If he’s full of life and personality then these should lead you into some very interesting topics, with no awkward silences!

Nerve Tips and Tricks

No matter what you do, just remember to be yourself. That’s the best version of you as you are you and nobody else. Nothing lasts forever and creating a facade of someone you are not, is no exception. The truth always comes out.

Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. It’s just a date. You are in control of the whole event. You can control how fast or slow you take things, what you want to do and the direction the topic of conversation steers. You are under no obligation to see this boy again if you choose not to and you should never be ashamed of that.

Take some deep breaths, think of what a great person you are and remember that no matter how the date goes, you only need you to make yourself happy.