We’re two weeks into a new decade, and you should feel like it’s the best time of your life. The promise that you made yourself three weeks ago when recovering from the drama and food coma of Christmas day is scarily resting on your shoulders and overlooking every single decision you’ve made since 2020 dawned upon us. But don’t let it take ahold of you, the pressure may be starting to become unbearable, but you’ve got to push through it!

Christmas can so easily become a daunting time of year for singletons. The expectation from family members (especially Nan) to bring someone home for the festive season is worse than having to stand naked in a room full of strangers. It’s atrocious and more than anything; it’s embarrassing and not fair.

January is a fresh start and most of you, as much as you may hate to admit it, have definitely told yourself that this is your year and done the clichéd “New Year, New Me” so stick to it because you know what? This is your year! Present yourself as the new you, leave behind all those problematic relationships and strive for something better. Be happy in yourself and let love find you!

Give yourself time to relax, plan it, look ahead to the future. What do you want out of this year? What are you going to do differently from last year? There are so many opportunities out there, whether that be for yourself, your career or your relationships.

Use January as your month to plan and organise. The blues can hit us all pretty hard, and it’s guaranteed that a low must come after a high. However, as down as you may feel, it’s all for the better good. Build that determination and let it blossom into something beautiful. Sometimes you’ve got to put yourself first, and this is that time — a whole month of self-love and care.

So run that bubble bath, grab that book and let it take hold.

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This is your year.