Introducing ‘The 10 Second Pitch Dating function.’

We are introducing the brand new function on the Glaries dating app – The Video Message. 

Here at Glaries, what makes us different is our name of the game.

The uniqueness of Glaries is the fact that we cut out all of the chitter-chatter beforehand – we like to be straight to the point. You say what it is you would like whether it’s a date, accompaniment to a meal or night out and the next thing you know there’s a flow of people queueing up for you to have the pick of. We’re all about the there and then, living in the moment rather than setting up drinks for the Friday after next and wasting two weeks of your life speaking to someone who may not even prove to be what we want. 

There is no back and forth talking before you choose your date, it’s just like when you used to get approached in a bar by a beautiful stranger who wanted to take them for a drink. You can look over their profile, check out their images, see their likes and dislikes and now with this new function. You can receive a personalised video message to get the low down on whether they’ve got that sexy deep voice you’ve been after for so long or even to see that they’re not a catfish. 

It’s your chance to see if this person is the one you want, a little glimpse of them in real life, a quick delve into their sense of humour and how they hold themselves before the big meet-up. 

So let’s say I’m looking for a guy to meet me for some drinks…. I pick my time and place, give some info on what I’d like the date to be and then wallah! I send out my invitation.

Hopefully, I get some requests. Otherwise, I may have a little cry and a lonely drink, but luckily Lee, Dwayne and James fancy it! Each of them has sent me a request with a personalized video message. This is the fun bit as I get to have a sneak peek at them properly and see which I fancy the most and who I want to choose to join me for drinks.