Introducing ‘The 10 Second Pitch Dating function.’

We are introducing the brand new function on the Glaries dating app – The Video Message.  Here at Glaries, what makes us different is our name of the game. The uniqueness of Glaries is the fact that we cut out all of the chitter-chatter beforehand – we like to be straight to the point. You…


The only way to tell if you are genuinely compatible with someone is to meet them in real life. That’s why Glaries makes it possible for you to ask someone out without having to “match”. Let the date be the decider whether or not you’re a good match. Dating happened long before online dating happened….

All profiles are Active!

Ever tried getting in touch with someone on a dating app only to find out they’re no longer active? (Think approaching a cakeless cake shop and you’ll get the picture!). Every single profile you come across in Glaries belongs to an active user and you’ll get a quick response. Problem solved.

You know exactly what your date wants!

You may have felt misunderstood, misheard or even misled when using other dating apps, but that won’t happen when you use Glaries.  Whether you are looking for love, sex or even just friendship, Glaries helps you to get what you want.   You specify exactly what you want with every date you set up through…